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NOTE: In recent years (beginning with the loss of interest in trained scorers, which came with the advent of supposedly helpful new scoring technology), it has become increasingly difficult to obtain even the most basic information on the National Baseball League from clubs (with some notable exceptions such as Herts Baseball Club) or from the British Baseball Federation. But 2018 saw a new low in the regard, with absolutely no information being supplied by the British Baseball Federation despite the requests from Project COBB. The most recent emails have been met with silence. It has thus become impossible to continue the archive. If you think that the British Baseball Federation should better assist Project COBB in keeping the archive updated, please contact them and make your voice heard. As it stands, the thousands of hours of painstaking volunteer effort that it has taken to build up this continous archive are at risk of being for nothing.

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About Project COBB

Project COBB is an online collaboration co-ordinated by British Baseball Federation life member
Joe Gray, who founded the organization back in 2008. The operational costs are covered from
the personal finances of the founder. No profit is made from any of the initiatives delivered.

Project COBB's mission

To restore the record of British baseball's past and preserve its present.

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