Double Play
Double Play was a glossy magazine published by BaseballSoftballUK between 1999 and 2003. Below you can access
image files of relevant articles that have been made available as part of Project COBB (the Project for the Chronicling
of British Baseball), with kind permission of BaseballSoftballUK. To access an article, click on its description.

April 1999: League restructuring / Gavin Marshall profile / Miscellaneous
October 1999: Finals report / Route to finalsApril 2000: Norman Wells's story
Summer 2000: Brighton in EuropeAutumn 2000: Finals report / StandingsSpring 2001: Top tier preview
Summer 2001: Gavin Marshall pro debut / Top tier half-way point review / Lower tiers half-way point review
Autumn 2001: GB report / Finals report / Route to finals / Improving standards / Lower tiers review / London Tournament
Spring 2002: Top tier preview / 1938 world cup, Gavin Marshall in pro ball, and other news / GB preview
Summer 2002: Top tier review / Top tier review (cont.) and other news / GB review / Lower tiers and youth in top tier
Winter 2002: Finals report / Finals report (continued) / League meetings
Spring 2003: Mixed articles / Finals schedule and lower tiers review / Major Leaguers
Summer 2003: GB in Europe / Top tier review / Lower tiers review